A Teatro con 1 euro

The Project

Going to theatre with 1 euro was inaugurated in 2001 and largely praised then as one of the most innovative initiatives in the field of theatrical offers for school: it gives the opportunity to all high school students in Bologna city and province to assist to any show in ITC Teatro drama season paying only 1 euro.
The project was born to make theatre more accessible to teenagers: affordability and free choice are keywords of this idea. High school boys and girls don’t come in touch easily with theatrical culture: they may participate to theatre workshops in schools, or may be taken to morning performances organized by teachers in city theatres or at school. Going to theatre rarely comes from a consolidated habit or a well-aware and free choice and participation at the theatrical event.
Thanks to Going to theatre with 1 euro, students can go to theatre paying a symbolic sum only by exhibiting their justified absence slips booklet, and an id.

Teatro dell'Argine Società Cooperativa Sociale | Sede legale via dei Gelsi, 17 | 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena - BOLOGNA | P.I. 02522171202