Workshops in Schools

The Project

The experience gained in two decades of work in many schools, with over 100 workshops a year carried out in schools of different levels, from preschools to high schools, contributed to the formation of a complete and rich project, which is carried out by a team of professionals (directors, actors and playwrights, as well as educators and child psychologists), coordinated in a unique educational program. The whole path includes planning and running the workshop within the school, kick-off, interim and final meetings with school teachers, plus a weekly check with the whole team of workshop leaders involved, and the preparation and staging of a final performance, or, for younger children, the organization of a joyful party to celebrate the workshop end.

Theatre in Preschools

Main objectives of theatre workshops in preschools are development of children creative languages and construction of the self, through the magical world of theatre and circus, by focusing mainly on the motor and rhythmic features. Use of artistic techniques and tools, such as juggling, acrobatics, puppets, clown, is fundamental in an age where main expression is non-verbal: it helps children to express themselves and their creativity in freedom, through playing, which is still children’s favourite way of communicating.

Theatre in Primary and Secondary Schools

Theatre work in primary and secondary schools is essentially the same in content, but different in techniques and steps, according to different age groups. Theatrical journeys for children and teens aim at improving self-esteem, autonomy, communication skills, respect for rules and self-control. The children’s discovery and pleasure of their own creativity and playfulness, and the joy of sharing this with their mates, can foster dialogue, mutual respect and cohesion among class members.

Theatre in High Schools

Theatre as a new way to express, learn about your body and voice, stimulate creativity and invention, foster teamwork and dialogue, highlight individual contribution towards a common final goal: these are all objectives of theatre workshopS with teenagers in high schools.
Workshops are divided into two phases: a preparatory step, dedicated to exercises, improvisations and dramatization, and a period aimed at the construction of the final performance open to audience. All performances are generally staged at ITC Teatro di San Lazzaro, in the occasion of the Festival of Schools.

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