Exploractors – A theatre workshop to know the world, know myself, make people know

The Project

a theatre project to explore emotions
dedicated to teachers and children of preschool
in collaboration with the University of the San Marino Republic
September 2013 - May 2014
with support from San Marino State Secretary for Education and Culture


For teachers, the project can contribute to work on the following objectives:
  • stimulate the development of new points of view, in order to create a context in which it is possible to activate a free and non-judgmental listening field;
  • awaken abilities of expression not only learning new techniques but getting involved at first hand, and rediscovering the skill to integrate oneself in a context of collaboration and teamwork;
  • enhance active-listening to have a deep knowledge of the social and family context in which children grow, to be able to handle their needs using a broader perspective.
On the other hand, the main objectives of path dedicated to children are:
  • release emotions, identifying them as something unique and universal at the same time, that can be expressed without fear;
  • overcome insecurities, freely expressing them through what they know best of themselves: body and voice;
  • find out that what they do is not good or bad but original and unique, it is the result of a personal experience that can enhance the ability to cooperate, because it is done with the support of the group.


  • an Education Course in plenary session dedicated to teachers;
  • specific training sessions with teachers divided into working groups;
  • a theater workshop dedicated to 5-year-old children from kindergartens Il Giardino (Murata) and La Margherita (San Marino). The workshops are conducted by experts of Teatro dell’Argine, supported by teachers of school complexes involved, following a monthly scheduling.


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