The Multicultural Company

The Project

a project by Teatro dell’Argine
from September 2007 to December 2012
Following the extraordinary experience with the Refugees Company, in 2007 TdA founded the Multicultural Company, with a very multifaceted composition: among the participants, some had theatre experiences in their homelands; others arrived to Italy as political refugees, without knowing not even a word in Italian: participating to Teatro dell'Argine’s workshops helped them to take a challenge through theatre tools, gave them the opportunity to face their condition of eradication and to find, in the theatre practice, a useful means to tell themselves and measure their own ambitions and desires. The group was completed by the young actors from Teatro dell’Argine, in a fruitful mix of languages and experiences.
First result of the Multicultural Company was the show Grande Circo Inferno (Great Circus Inferno), which premiered in the programme of the Bolognese Summer “Bè-Bologna Estate” in July 2008, then inaugurated the Season 2008-2009 of ITC Teatro, with a cast made of two actors from Cameroon, two from Congo, two from China, one from Brazil, one from Poland, one from Morocco, one from Kurdistan, one from Iran, one from Afghanistan, one from Kosovo and three from Italy. Next year the company performed the show Di che paese è Madre Coraggio? (Where’s Mother Courage from?) by Nicola Bonazzi and Pietro Floridia.
Beyond the well-known usefulness of theatre practice in the process of integration in a new country, TdA is persuaded that a multicultural theatre company has far richer potentialities if compared to any monocultural group, and that theatre can be an extraordinary and necessary laboratory for experimenting techniques of sharing and of encounter-clash between very diverse conceptions of reality.


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