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Junior companies are thought as real educational workshops for teens and young people using theatre as a research tool to investigate such issues as interculture, migration and peaceful coexistence among peoples. In the last years three different companies were formed, composed by teens and young: The Scene of Meeting Young, Crossing Paths Group and ALF Group.
Everything started in 2006, in the frame of The Scene of Meeting, the intercultural festival realized by TdA during the Summer in Bologna and San Lazzaro: a group of boys and girls aged 16 to 25 met in ITC Teatro rehearsal rooms to look at and try to tell the world through theatre. They engaged with issues, words, people and stories coming from five poor areas of the world: stories of Brazilian catadores (garbage pickers), Bolivian miners, Mozambican war orphans, Iranian men and women fighting for freedom, Palestinians and Israelis fighting since years. Divided in five groups corresponding to the five countries, the young actors worked under the guide of young directors and playwrights (and under tutorship of the older TdA members and of Gigi Gherzi, Milanese actor and author) and premiered with the shows Sulle dita di una mano (On the Fingers of One Hand) and Viaggio attraverso l'accampamento mondo (Travelling Through Camp World). With these two shows the company The Scene of Meeting Young was founded. The next year the young actors ventured in their own city, Bologna, to rediscover it interviewing young people equal in age of non-Italian origins.
Those stories and inspirations were also gathered, written and transformed into a show, Matrimonio a Babele (Wedding in Babel), directed and performed once again by a cast under 26.
Crossing Paths Group was founded in 2011, in the frame of European project with the same name (Programme Culture 2007-2013), a thrilling adventure involving Italian, English and Danish boys and girls of many different origins and crossing questions and issues that are in the focus of TdA’s work since years: theatre as a tool for growth, communication and intercultural dialogue, issues of poverty, social exclusion and interculture. The company, composed by boys and girls aged 16 to 22 of different nationalities coming from several high schools of the Bolognese metropolitan area, was formed to reflect upon and deal with these crucial contemporary themes through performing arts. Premiere of the Crossing Paths Group was in May 2011 with the show Sillabario della giovinezza (Spelling-book of Youth). After this incredible experience, TdA wanted to give a follow-up to the intercultural group, creating a new workshop for the young company. In 2012 their new show was on stage: Diario di una follia di Stato (Journal of a State Insanity, 2012), built starting from a new path of reflection on Kafka’s novel The Castle and on the issue of mental disease and social exclusion.
ALF Group was founded at the end of 2012 in the frame of the international project Acting Diversity, realized in partnership with Al-Harah Theater (Palestine) and Badac Theatre Company (United Kingdom) and with support from Anna Lindh Foundation - www.euromedalex.org.
The intercultural group, made by boys and girls aged 18 to 25, took part to a theatre workshop under the guide of TdA’s directors on crucial issues of our contemporary times: intercultural dialogue and the promotion of diversity as tools for social cohesion and inclusion, active citizenship, rights and participated democracy. The path was enriched by several exchange workshops, in which the young worked under the guide of Marina Barham from Al-Harah Theater and Steve Lambert from Badac Theatre. Final result of this work was The Shoe Must Go On, «a show without words but with many shoes and some arms. An original piece written and mimed by 20 intrepid young to tell the hard life of those who are alone against all odds. Everyday».


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