The Art of Dialogue

The Project

a project by Teatro dell’Argine
on the initiative of Robert Bosch Stiftung and Iac Berlin 
implemented in cooperation with Bosch Alumni Network 

February 27th – March 2nd 2019

The Art of Dialogue took place from Febrary 27th to March 2nd 2019 at the ITC Studio in San Lazzaro of Savena, hosted by Teatro dell’Argine. It has been the physical and methaphorical space of encounter for the members of the Bosch Alumni Network, all cultural and artistic experts and practitioners working in intercultural contexts, with and for people with a migration or refugee background.

Sixteen participants took part of the working session, including theatre and visual artists, journalists, video-makers, project managers, educators, facilitators, interpreters and cultural workers, all coming from different countries – Austria, Belgium, Egypt, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary – who had the opportunity to meet and work together during a PractitionersLab, a workshop where to exchange practices, interrogate intentions and to explore strengths and weaknesses of works both in the different local areas and in the wider European context.


The workshop – a training for the trainers

“The Art of Dialogue. An international and Interactive training and networking session on culture, the arts and intercultural dialogue”; that is a PractitionersLab addressed to cultural experts and artists.
The general structure of the working session was proposed by Teatro dell’Argine, who created and implemented it in partnership with UNHCR – the United Nations Hhigh Commissioner for Refugees in the frame of the project Acting Together #WithRefugees. The specific contents and the final programme have been adapted in collaboration with the Bosch Alumni Network and the participants; the four-day workshop included:
  • a training for the trainers, aimed at sharing practices, exercises, suggestions, methodologies, projects, success cases and failures of Teatro dell’Argine 20-years of experience in the field of theatre tools in intercultural contexts;
  •  a learning partnership: an active exchange of good practices in the field of intercultural dialogue by each of the participants;
  • working groups aimed at re-elaborating the most pressing questions or needs emerged in the preceding sessions.

The cultural cookbook

The Art of Dialogue - Cookbook, is a cultural cookbook which collects the results of the workshop in the form of cultural “recipes”, presented by the sixteen participants. Each recipe is a practice or a project and describes artistic and cultural processes, tools, methodologies in the field of intercultural dialogue translated into the language of cooking, in order to share the huge amount of knowledge produced in The Art of Dialogue as widely as possible and in the most accessible way. Each recipe specifies the ingredients needed, the steps to mix and cook them, the cooking time, the spices and the secret ingredient that will make a delicious meal. 
The booklet is written in English.
To download the pdf version click here
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To download the print version click here.
Photo credits: Davide Saccà


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